Welcome to our Millions Missing BC Online Campaigns for ME Health Equality

We've taken our May 12th Victoria event online! 


In a time where the chronically ill, the immuno-compromised and the elderly have been on the front line, targeted by a deadly pandemic, the government is now talking of slowly going back to a new normal.

Now is the time for our community to make our voices heard, take to the virtual front steps of the BC Legislature and demand that provincial decision-makers...

...Leave No One Behind!

The Theme: Leave No One Behind

This year’s ME May Awareness Canadian theme, devised by Millions Missing Canada, is “Leave No One Behind”.


In light of Covid-19, we are witnessing a changing world where collective action is being taken in an efficient and swift manner with unprecedented co-operation between various levels and branches of government. The same needs to happen for those living with ME. 

From Millions Missing Canada’s campaign mandate:

We’re calling for our policy makers to take action right now to leave no one with ME behind in the very same intolerable setting the rest of the world finds unbearable right now.

Like many other diseases, there is no cure for ME or even an effective treatment approved at this time, but there is much that can be done right now to bring health care equity, alleviate the suffering, and offer needed support that will change the future for 580,000 Canadians living with ME.

We’re calling on our decision makers to meet with advocates and stakeholders to learn more and begin implementing those critical steps that will offer solutions right now!

Join Our May Awareness Campaigns!

Launching 12 May 2020.

On May 12 we are launching our Millions Missing BC 2020 campaigns in honour of International ME Awareness Month. We invite you to join any or all of our campaigns, which will be running through to the end of May.

  1. Speak to your MLA by preparing a video message to share on our webpage for MLAs. This campaign launches May 12. Will post your videos on our site as we receive submissions.

  2. Raise awareness with the power of photos in our social media campaign to let your community and BC's politicians know that living with ME is the "old normal" for 77,000 British Columbians, and we won't be left behind. This campaign launches May 12 and will continue throughout the month of May.

  3. Advocate for addressing the unmet needs of our ME community by emailing your MLA. This campaign launches May 12 and will continue throughout the month of May.

  4. Join our online rally on May 30 via Zoom and help us close out ME May Awareness Month 2020! 

Read more below on all our campaign events.

MLA Video Campaign: Have your say!

Questions about the Millions Missing BC Campaigns?

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