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How do we raise awareness about ME in a year where not just our province, but the entire world, is caught up with dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic? 


We continue to demand equitable health care for British Columbians living with ME!

Responses by decision-makers in British Columbia are showing us how swiftly and efficiently collective action can be taken, with unprecedented co-operation between various levels and branches of government, when they want and need to. Tremendous resources have been made available, technologies have been put in place, and policies have been created and implemented with lightening speed to ensure that the negative impact of Covid-19 on British Columbians is minimized.

We are simply asking for the same commitment to the safety and well-being of British Columbians to be given to those living with ME. We are asking that the resources put in place to help the millions in our province forced to stay at home in response to Covid-19 continue to be kept in place to benefit those living with ME. We ask that the government of British Columbia...


Email campaign

Starting May 12, and continuing until we achieve safe, respectful and equitable health care for ME, let's flood the inboxes of our MLAs with emails asking them to demand equitable healthcare for their ME constituents. Let's invite them to join us online, learn about living with ME and invite them to sign a Pledge to Support British Columbians living with ME.

What to do

1. Click on the button below to find your MLA's name, riding and email. ​​

2. Create a new email in your email program.

3. Insert your MLA's email in the recipient box - "To"

4. Insert our Society's email in the "CC" box. 

5. Click on the button below and copy and paste our Email Template into your email.

6. Replace the highlighted green text in the email template with your own information.

7. Add your story at the bottom of your email, if you like.

8. Review the email. Make sure you are happy with it.

9. Click send!

Questions about the MLA Email Campaign?

Contact us at

Mailing Address

PO BOX 46879 STN D

Vancouver, BC   V6J 5M4


T: 604-878-7707 or
BC Toll-free: 1-888-353-6322

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