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Through these weeks and months of 2020, the chronically ill, the immuno-compromised and the elderly have been on the front line, targeted by a deadly pandemic.

During this time, British Columbians have been experiencing the hardships brought on by a "new normal" of social isolation. Provincial and Federal governments have spent billions of dollars to support Canadians through this difficult period, providing financial support and fast tracking online technologies to minimize the impact of these challenging times.

As BC slowly climbs out of the chaos in the hopes of returning to some semblance of normality, it's time for our ME community to make our voices heard.

It's time for our community to remind you that ME makes sickness and social isolation our normal, and our normal is brutally hard to live with in a context of stigma and inadequate support from our government.

It's time to demand that provincial decision-makers provide the same care, compassion and determination to find ways to provide equitable and appropriate health care for British Columbians living permanently with ME as they have provided to British Columbians living through this epidemic.

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What is ME?

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a complex, chronic neuroinflammatory illness, which impacts systems throughout the body. There are an estimated 77,000 British Columbians living with the disease, and almost 600,000 Canadian.

A debilitating chronic illness, ME can strike suddenly or slowly creep up on adults and children, male and female, often lingering for years.  It leave 75% of its victims unable to work or take care of themselves or their families. It renders 25% housebound or bedbound.  Relentless and relapsing, ME has a devastating impact on the lives of affected individuals. 

You can read more on ME here.

We also have a very comprehensive ME  FAQ section.

Insult heaped on injury

ME patients are among the most severely disabled in our community. As a mostly invisible disease without a biomarker (yet), ME has suffered a history of gaslighting and stigmatizing which has resulted in a medical system shockingly ignorant about a disease more prevalent than multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and HIV/AIDS combined.


Despite the suffering inflicted by this devastating illness, insult is added to injury by a health care system which stigmatizes the disease leaving patients to navigate on their own through the brain fog, pain and many other symptoms brought on by the disease, trying to find answers, treatments, accommodations, home care and financial support.

For a fuller picture of the dire unmet needs of British Columbians living with ME, please read our 


Will COVID-19 lead to more ME cases?

The media talks about deaths and recoveries from COVID-19, but the reality is that many viruses leave behind a significant number of patients who never recover, many who have gone on to develop ME. The fast-spreading COVID-19 is not expected to prove an exception. In fact, the NIH is showing a keen interest in those who don't recover. This epidemic is providing a unique opportunity for ME Research.   


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