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Let's use the power of social media to let our politicians know that COVID-19's "new normal" is the "old normal" for 77,000 British Columbians living with ME who are all-too-familiar with inaccessible services and social isolation. We will not be left behind!

The COVID-19 epidemic has highlighted the challenges of living a life in isolation. For British Columbians living with ME can mean living a housebound or bedbound existance for weeks, months, years, even decades. Unlike COVID-19, ME is still a highly stigmatised and ignored disease, leaving patients without adequate or equitable health care, living without the supports and accommodations desperately needed for life with dignity and without fear.

We have two options for our Millions Missing BC Social Media Campaign:

Selfie Photo Campaign

Empty Shoes Photo Campaign


Selfie Photo Campaign

We need you to help us put a face to ME! Let’s show the world and our politicians just how many of us are suffering from ME and why we need more research funding, better health care, and support overall!

What to do 

  1. Print out one (or some) of the signs that we have provided: FIND SIGNS HERE. You can make your own but we wanted to provide these printouts to help you conserve energy! Each sign comes in two versions, colour and black & white. Pick the one that works for your printer.

  2. Take a picture of yourself holding up the sign. If you want to post multiple pictures of yourself holding a variety of signs, go for it! 

  3. Post your photo(s) between May 12, 2020 and May 30, 2020: share your photos on social media and use BOTH these hashtags in your caption: #MillionsMissingBC and #LeaveNoOneBehind

  • By sharing and hash-tagging your photos prior to May 27th, we will have enough time to populate them on our website to show our MLAs how many of their constituents are in desperate need of help by the government and health care sector.

  • In addition to #MillionsMissingBC and #LeaveNoOneBehind, you can use #ChangeTheFuture4Me 



  • Show your face. We need to humanize this disease and put real faces and stories to those who are suffering.

  • Consider taking landscape photos. Your photos can either be portrait or landscape but landscape photos have a higher chance of being used by the media, such as in newspapers.

                                                              Landscape                                                                     Portrait

  • Hashtag your photos. Don’t forget to use #MillionsMissingBC and #LeaveNoOneBehind so that we can find your posts!

  • Tag your MLA

  • Tag the BC Legislature:

Facebook: @BCProvincialGovernment

Twitter: @bclegislature

  • Tag us

Facebook: @mefmbc​

Twitter: @mefmbc

Instagram: @mefm.society.bc



We understand that you may not be comfortable with showing your face or may not be in a position where it’s safe for you to show your face in a photo. You can still participate in the Empty Shoes Campaign (see below) and we encourage you to do so. The more photos we have that represent those living with ME, the more powerful our call for change will be.


Empty Shoes Campaign

Displaying pairs of empty shoes has become a powerful component of the Millions Missing demonstrations. They symbolize the heavy toll that this disease has on so many people by highlighting what people are missing out on because of the debilitating nature of ME.

What to do 

  1. Create a sign like the one in the photo below or print out one of our signs: FIND SIGNS HERE that we’ve provided.

    • If one of the signs applies to you, such as “Because of ME I am missing out on the career that I worked so hard for”, feel free to simply print that out. 

    • Alternatively, you can print out our template and fill in the blank area yourself.

  2. Place the sign next to a pair of your shoes and snap a photo. Landscape orientation is preferable.​

  3. Post your photo(s) between May 12, 2020 and May 30, 2020:


  • Share your photos on social media

  • Use BOTH these hashtags in your caption: #MillionsMissingBC and #LeaveNoOneBehind

  • Tag us

Facebook: @mefmbc​

Twitter: @mefmbc

Instagram: @mefm.society.bc

Questions about our Social Media Campaign?

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