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We believe in providing education and support that adds lifelong value.
We are the ME | FM Society of BC, a non-profit organization primarily staffed by volunteers, with the purpose of offering support and education to individuals with ME and FM, along with their families. Through our efforts, we have successfully aided thousands in attaining better health and an enhanced quality of life.


Committed to securing
Government support


Families supported
with information
about ME | FM


Health care


Patients educated
about medical help
and treatments

Our goal is to offer support to the ME and FM

community in BC by providing various

services and resources.
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Experience the heartwarming impact of our work through the inspiring stories shared by our community.
Eva was first diagnosed with
Fibromyalgia at the age of 28.
“I was diagnosed with FM at the age of 28, and finally having a
diagnosis was a relief. Fibromyalgia isn’t well known, and a lot of doctors didn’t believe it was a ‘real’ illness yet. I work with
Fibromyalgia as a partner now. Some days are better than others. It was hard for my family to handle my illness, but thanks to the Society, they have learned and grown with me. I didn’t have kids when I was diagnosed, but my family have all been supportive. They want me to feel better.”
You have the power to make a positive impact
and raise awareness about ME and FM.
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