The ME/FM Society of BC is committed to championing issues impacting the lives of people with ME and FM through community partnerships and advocacy with local, provincial and federal stakeholders and decision-makers. Over the years we have collaborated with patient organsations across the country and internationally to advance the agenda for our community.

Learn about the work of our Society's Unmet Needs Committee


Our first task was to make a list of priorities for action that we will tackle over the next few years. At the top of the list was Healthcare for patients with me.


In early 2018, members of our Society’s Board formed the Unmet Needs Committee. Our goal was to create an advocacy campaign targeted at the BC provincial government and other relevant agencies to obtain equitable health care, home care and income support for ME and FM patients throughout the province. Our Board set up the Unmet Needs Committee to lead this campaign.

Given our limited resources and stamina, and the reality that ME and fibromyalgia are both complex illnesses that are difficult for many people to understand, we agreed that we should first present the case for ME provincially, the least known and understood of the illnesses, and then to move on to bring in fibromyalgia.

The result has been the creation of a document: "Backgrounder: The unmet health care needs of British Columbians living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)". 

What's going on this May?

Join us May 15 for our Millions Missing May Action in Victoria, BC

WHEN:    Wednesday, 15 May, 11:30-2pm

WHERE:  Front steps and lawn of the BC Legislature

RSVP:      There are two ways to RSVP:

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For more information:  FACEBOOK PAGE  OR   OUR WEBSITE


Our Society has been an active partner in various Federal advocacy initiatives:

Our involvement in this campaign has continued since that date, and our main collaboration has been with Millions Missing Canada​ and independent patient advocates throughout the country.

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T: 604-878-7707 or
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