The ME|FM Society of BC is committed to championing issues impacting the lives of people with ME and FM through community partnerships and advocacy with local, provincial and federal stakeholders and decision-makers.  Over the years we have collaborated with patient organisations across the country and internationally to advance the agenda for our community.

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Our Initiatives

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Federal initiatives

ME Patients and Advocates Meet with Health Canada, 23 March 2017


Our involvement in this campaign has continued since that date, and our main collaboration has been with Millions Missing Canada and independent patient advocates throughout the country.

Patients and patient reps meet with the CIHR's new Director at 2018 Montreal Conference

July 2018:  members of our Board met with Dr. Khan, IMHA Scientific Director at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to continue discussions begun at the Montreal Conference, requesting much more money for ME research and to prioritise expansion of Canadian research capacity.

15 May 2019: Our Society partners with Millions Missing Canada and ME Victoria Association for the province's first live Millions Missing action!