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​FAQ 11. How can I connect with others living with ME and FM?

ME and FM can be a very isolating experience. Some people with ME and FM find it helpful to connect with other people living the same experience. 


The ME|FM Society of BC hosts social support groups for people living with ME and FM, and for their friends and family to meet others in similar situations. You can learn more about this here: Support groups | MEFM SOCIETY OF BC


The ME|FM Society of BC also operates a phone line, for one-on-one conversations with fellow people living with ME and FM. These are volunteers answering the calls and we aim to call back within 48 hours. We do not have the capacity for 24/7 or business hour call center operations or mental health intervention services. For individual support: call 604-878-7707 or (BC Toll Free) 1-888-353-6322 or email For more information, please visit: Support | MEFM SOCIETY OF BC


There are also many discussion groups and forums online. For a well moderated, Canadian group, we suggest: ME & CFS Canada (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) | Facebook


Finding mental health support from a counselor or psychologist can help you process the feelings of isolation and help with coping. It is always hard to go through things others may not understand. It is important to find ways to help improve your coping skills as you adapt to your current situation. Counselors may not have experience/knowledge of ME/FM but look for counselors who focus their practice on grief/coping with significant health changes. Your mental health professional can also learn more about ME/FM from our health care professionals page: For health care providers | MEFM SOCIETY OF BC 


Also, finding quiet hobbies such as art, crafts or online classes or games that allow you to be flexible, can also help alleviate feelings of isolation and help you connect with others.

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