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FAQ 3. My doctor doesn’t believe me or my symptoms. What do I do? 


ME and its symptoms are very real, but it is not often taught in medical school or within continuing education opportunities so it may be that your physician is less familiar with the condition. Providing your physician with a succinct handout on the topic could be helpful. 


We have collected various educational resources to support health care providers: For health care providers | MEFM SOCIETY OF BC 


This Clinical Coalition Handout lists hallmark features, as well as differential diagnoses for your health care professional to consider: MECFS Clinician Coalition Diagnosis and Treatment Handout V2.pdf


Using a self-rating scale is also a nice way to communicate the level of your functioning and might be a helpful way for your doctor to understand what you have been experiencing. For example, if you were able to give them this rating scale and say “I used to be a 25 but now I’m a 35”, it might be an easier way for them to understand the level to which you are affected. It also helps them to be able to follow your progress by having a baseline of your functioning.

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