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FAQ 6. What treatments are available for ME?


There are currently no scientifically proven pharmacological treatments for ME. However, pacing is an important aspect of managing ME and its symptoms. Working with a healthcare professional about screening/managing common comorbidities (e.g, POTS, MCAS) and common symptoms (e.g, pain, sleep) may also be helpful. Please visit our health care provider information for additional support: For health care providers | MEFM SOCIETY OF BC 


Special note: Treatments and programs that have foundations in psychology, or those treatments that aim to teach people with ME to think differently, notably Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Graded Exercise Therapy (GET), do not have scientific clinical evidence for effective treatment of ME. The recently updated NICE guidelines specifically address CBT and GET. GET can be harmful by pushing patients outside their energy envelope. 


Considering your mental health and wellness needs in adjusting to a diagnosis and living with chronic illness is an important aspect of your overall care. However, you cannot rewire, retrain or think your way out of ME. ME is a physical disease.   


Please consider these words of caution: Alternative treatment in general - Fraudlisting

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