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FAQ 9. How do I explain ME to family members?

ME is a complex multi-system disease that affects millions of people worldwide but is often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. It is common for people with ME to feel that their friends and family don’t understand this illness, and the lived experience of it. 


Visit the About ME section of our website for more helpful information on the disease, its symptoms and treatments. You will also find links to other resources. People with ME also find these videos helpful to explain ME to their friends and family: 


  • UNREST (Full length documentary, available on Netflix, in local libraries, on YouTube)

  • What is ME/CFS? (Bateman Horne Center, 5min47sec)

  • (Open Medicine Foundation, 2min7sec) What is ME/CFS?

We also host a social support group for family members and friends. This could be an opportunity for your friends, family, neighbors, etc to meet others and learn more about supporting people with ME and FM. For more information or to register, go to Support groups | MEFM SOCIETY OF BC 

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