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FAQs Audio

To listen to each answer, click on the arrow that appears after the question.

1. Where do I find a doctor who knows about ME and/or FM?

2. I don’t have a family doctor. What should I do?

3. My doctor doesn’t believe me or my symptoms. What do I do? 

4. Who can help determine a diagnosis for ME?

5. Is there a cure for ME? 

6. What treatments are available for ME?

7. What is pacing and how do I do it? 

8. I have to complete disability forms. How do I start? 

9. How do I explain ME to family members?

10. What type of home support is available for people with ME and FM?

​11. How can I connect with others living with ME and FM?

12. Where can I find a list of community and financial resources?

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