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FAQ 1. I'm looking for a doctor who knows about ME and/or FM.  Where do I find one?


In Canada, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and Fibromyalgia (FM) are not included in a medical specialty, as oncology is for cancer. In BC, there are not many doctors who specifically see people with ME/FM regularly and the few who do have a long wait list to be seen. 


The Society’s website has collected high quality information to support your current primary care provider, like your family doctor, to begin learning about ME and FM, including diagnosis and symptom support information. Please refer your primary care provider to us: Introduction and diagnosis | MEFM SOCIETY OF BC  and Symptom management and referral | MEFM SOCIETY OF BC.

The Complex Chronic Disease Program (CCDP) offers physician to physician consultations to support your current health care provider, regardless of whether you have been referred, enrolled or previously attended the program. This could be a helpful opportunity for your health care provider to be supported in making a diagnosis and/or discussing a management plan for your symptoms. This consult can be requested by your doctor: 

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