Introduction and diagnosis
Introduction to Diagnosis and Management of ME/CFS
This 12-minute video introduces the diagnosis and management of ME/CFS. It was developed as part of a continuing medical education module (USA).

Canadian Consensus Criteria for diagnosis ME (Page 22 and 23 for Diagnostic Protocol)


MEPedia Primer for Doctors and Researchers
A wiki resource for health care professionals on ME/CFS. Includes information and resources on onset and course of the illness, epidemiology, evidence of disease, history, treatments and notable studies.

ME/CFS Clinician Coalition
Succinct and easy navigation to clinical resources/support.


Provider Resources for ME/CFS (Bateman Horne Center, USA)

Provider Resources for FM (Bateman Horne Center, USA)

A clinician’s guide to ME/CFS

Diagnosing and Treating ME/CFS Handout: ME CFS Coalition (USA)

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