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Become a member of the ME|FM Society of BC!

Raising awareness, educating, advocating, researching & supporting the ME|FM community.


The ME|FM Society of BC Board of Directors is a working board, creating and executing strategic plans, developing/ensuring delivery of programs, and managing day-to-day functions; we ask for your support by becoming a member.

There are a number of Membership types and fees - something to suit everyone.

Annual membership starts every October 1 so maximize your membership now by joining us here.

We are all stronger when you stand with us.



What our supporters say

"It was so moving for me to be a part of this group today, I've been looking for people like me, feeling so alone in my wheelchair, trapped in bed sometimes, and with my struggles. I couldn't believe there was a meeting full of people who were also housebound much of the time, using mobility aids to get around, trying to live and find meaning with so many limits just like me. I really needed that."

Support Group participant.


"I value the presence of the ME|FM Society of BC and their team members in their role to represent the ME and FM community. I have experienced the advantage of having a strong patient partnership with the Society."

Dr. Luis Nacul


"They let us see we are not alone.” Anonymous


“Over the years they [the ME|FM Society of BC] have been there for support.

Teresa Craig-Morgan


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