Dr. Aniz Khalfan joins our Society's Medical Advisory Board

Aniz Khalfan MBChB, FRCP Anesthesiologist with a special interest in chronic pain,

has joined Dr. Ian Hyams on our Society's Medical Advisory Board, bringing her expertise as an anesthesiologist to our community.

Dr. Khalfan graduated from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland in 1981 having obtained a full scholarship.  Among her various achievements at medical school were obtaining 1st Class Certificates in physiology and biochemistry.

With a passion for anesthesiology Dr. Khalfan pursued specialization in the United Kingdom and then Canada at the University of British Columbia. Aniz is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Canada which she was granted in 1992.  Dr. Khalfan previously held the position of Chief of Anaesthesia at St. Mary’s Hospital in Vancouver.

With a long and successful career in hospital medicine Aniz transitioned to pursue her passion for chronic pain. Toward this end she was honored with a grant from the Royal College of Physicians in 2013.

Aniz is a member of the Canadian Academy of Pain Management and the American Society of Pain Educators.

Aniz practices at the CHANGEpain and MuscleMD Clinics in Vancouver. Her practice also involves delivering Pain Education with Group Medical Visits and Intravenous Lidocaine and Ketamine infusions for Chronic Pain.

Aniz is very involved in Teaching and in the Community. She is an Examiner for the Medical Council of Canada, and has held various leadership positions for the Agakhan Health Board of British Columbia as well as the Rotary Club of West Vancouver.

Concerned for the growing number of ME patients she was seeing in her practice, Dr. Khalfan sponsored the May 2018 screening of "Unrest: at the Pacific Cinematheque.

Welcome to our Society Dr. Khalfan!

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