Honouring Dr. Bruce Carruthers

The news of the passing of one of the medical greats in the field of ME and FM, our very own Dr. Bruce Carruthers, has left our community deeply saddened. As a long time patient and friend of Dr. Carruthers, BC Director for the National ME/FM Action Network, and founder of the original ME Society of BC, Sherri Hunt-Todd (pictured on the right with Dr. Carruthers and Janis Cackette) has kindly given us permission to share her letter to the community below. We will share news of a memorial event when we receive word.


I am saddened to share with you, news of the recent passing of Vancouver ME/FM Physician, Dr. Bruce Carruthers. Dr. Carruthers was a very kind, compassionate and dedicated Physician, who was much loved by all who knew him, most especially his ME/ FM/MCS patients. Three times he tried to retire, and three times he returned to practice due to the needs his ME and FM Patients presented, when they could not find other knowledgeable and supportive Physicians to treat them. For those most seriously ill, he would make a home visit.

On both a personal and professional note, I had the pleasure of knowing Bruce for well over 30 years, and called him my friend. He became a Medical Advisor to the National ME/FM Network, and lectured around the world. He was one of the most exceptional, interesting and intuitive human beings I’ve ever met. I’m sure this played a great part in the legend he became to his friends, patients, colleagues and through out his many years of research into Substance P, his public forums educating Patients and Physicians, in radio and news interviews, and in his many published articles, journal material and in the ME and FM Consensus Documents, which are still used today. Many times I’ve had patients tell me that when they told him their history and symptoms, he knew and understood them. Patients felt his compassion, and respect for them.

Dr. Carruthers was a-one-of-a-kind, incredible Physician. Those of us fortunate to know him, be his patient or colleague, or who benefit from his published articles, know he will never be forgotten! RIP Bruce!

Read more about who Dr. Carruthers was and his impact on the ME/CFS and FM communities in his obituary posted here.

Send us your stories and memories of Dr. Carruthers to info@mefm.bc.ca. We will share them on this post on our website!

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