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Larry Dawe becomes Honorary lifetime member of ME|FM Society of BC

Lawrence Dawe Cdr RCN (Ret'd)

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Larry Dawe is one of the two first Honorary lifetime members of the ME|FM Society of BC.

Larry has been committed to education, furthering knowledge and serving as a leader his whole adult life. Beginning with a degree in French Literature from Royal Roads Military College and then his MBA from Dalhousie University, he has held appointments of increasing responsibility both at sea and ashore in the Navy over 28 years, retiring as a Commander.

Eight years ago, his daughter Charlotte came down with ME. This motivated Larry to do everything he could to become an ME champion by furthering education, research and awareness on behalf of the ME community.

As is his way, he took on his commitment with passion and dedication. He was President of our Society in a time when no one had even heard of ME. In addition to his time helping to guide our Society, he became a Charter member of the UBC Patient and Community Partnership for Education, its critical purpose to improve the training of not just doctors but nurses, dentists, occupational therapists and other medical professionals. He served in this role for several years. Larry also sat on the Patients Advisory Committee set up to report directly to the central UBC Vice-Provost of Health. As he said - speaking directly to the decision makers.

Larry is a true champion in our fight to ensure ME is an understood disease, that knowledge, education and awareness are key for our community to have equitable access to meaningful healthcare. We are so grateful for all that he has accomplished on our behalf.


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Unknown member
Oct 10, 2021

Thank you so much for all your efforts and support. As someone who came down with ME in 1972 and suffered for years, I really appreciate all you have done.

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