Meeting with the Ministry of Health

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Our Unmet Needs Committee met with BC Health Ministry staff on 7 December to share our experiences in the health system and to discuss our community's unmet needs. The meeting was one hour, not long for all the work that needs to be done, but certainly a good start.

Given that ME and fibromyalgia are both complex illnesses that are difficult for many people to understand, our strategy has been to first present the case for ME, the least known and understood of the illnesses, and then to move on to bring in fibromyalgia. At the meeting, the Ministry wanted us to know that they do recognize ME as a real disease. We agreed to meet again to continue our discussions.

While we didn’t yet get the opportunity to fully address the changes and millions of dollars we would have loved to walk away with, we feel that we are at the beginning of a new partnership which will likely span over years and finally bring equity of health and social services to ME and fibromyalgia patients. We feel that our voices have been heard . 

We are thankful for the work of our consultant, Paul Gallant, and everyone on our Unmet Needs committee, and many thanks to the Health Ministry staff with whom we met. We are optimistic and looking forward to our next meeting in February 2019.

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