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New society logo: What does it represent?

Since going live with our new website and society branding, we've been asked multpile times what the logo represents. Created by Maria Patino (, ME|FM Society of BC’s logo is an abstract composition of a butterfly. The graphic representation shows four wings that meet in the centre, portraying unity and community.

Butterfly + Community + ME|FM logo

Each wing has a designated colour representing essential attributes of its brand personality. The teal wing, positioned at the bottom-left, conveys open communication, education, and clarity. The purple wing, set at the top-left, brings empathy, motivation and encouragement, and represents Fibromyalgia.

The paler blue wing at the bottom-right symbolizes trust, loyalty, and reliability. And finally, the darker blue wing at the top-right means integrity, justice and fairness. This is also the colour that represents ME.

We note that at this time, Long-COVID appears not to be represented by a specific colour.

This logo exhibits, in harmony, the balance and guidance that the ME |

FM Society of BC represents. If you love it as much as we do, send a note to We'd love to hear from you!



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