Opera Mariposa Supports ME|FM Society of BC!

Join Opera Mariposa for the launch of their Benefit + Awareness month!

Stay tuned for more news soon!

Every year since Opera Mariposa started, we've held a Benefit + Awareness event for chronic neuro-immune diseases. This year our programming may look a little different, but in these challenging times, the high-risk chronically ill community needs support more than ever. That's why we're honouring the May International Awareness Month for these diseases by launching an exciting program of events and activities - all month, all online, and all for charity!

From now until June 1, 2021, we'll be unveiling a lineup that includes everything from YouTube videos, to a month-long shop-to-give event, to an online draw with over $3,500 in prizes. As a grand finale, I'm also releasing a brand-new studio single, recorded from lockdown and coming soon to iTunes! 100% of the proceeds will benefit the ME|FM Society of BC, a terrific Canadian charity that helps those with the chronic neuroimmune diseases Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and Fibromyalgia (FM).

As many of you know, Mariposa is entirely disability-led and run, and I myself have had ME since the age of six. This cause, however, is bigger than any personal connection. Over a million Canadians (around 1 in 34) live with ME or FM - and that number is skyrocketing, because these types of illnesses are often triggered by viruses, including coronaviruses.

Experts have repeatedly warned that COVID-19 patients are at risk of developing ME - and with 30% of COVID sufferers experiencing long-term health impacts, it’s clear the chronic illness community urgently needs more research, awareness, and support.

In these unprecedented times, we're thankful that so many amazing sponsors and community partners have teamed up with us in support of this vital cause. We hope that you'll join us!

Jacqueline Ko

Artistic Director

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