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Our thanks to Opera Mariposa!

The talented and dedicated artists at Opera Mariposa are winding up yet another Benefit + Awareness month, the proceeds of which solely benefit the ME|FM Society of BC and support the rising number of people affected by ME/CFS, Long-COVID and Fibromyalgia.

Through June 1, you can still:

  1. Enter to win prizes; there are nearly $4,000 in prizes!

  2. Shop for merchandise,

  3. Donate; every cent up to $3,500 will be TRIPLED by matching donations!

We thank Opera Mariposa for their hard work and commitment, Allied Shipbuilders Ltd. for their matching donations, and all those who supported Opera Mariposa and the ME|FM Society of BC once again throughout the 2024 Benefit + Awareness initiative! We appreciate you all!



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