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Severe ME Awareness Day - August 8th

Severe ME Awareness Day was started by the “25 percent ME group” in 2013. The day August 8th was chosen to honor Sophia Mirza, a severe ME patient who died of the disease.

Over 77,000 people in British Columbia have ME (Myalgic

Encephalomyelitis). About 25% of people with ME are house-bound or bed-bound and around 10% may need to live in darkness, lying down, often struggling to speak, move, or eat.

Join the ME|FM Society of BC, and ME communities around the world, in recognizing today, August 8, as International Severe ME Awareness Day. In British Columbia, we remember those whose lives have ended this past year due to ME and we bring light to the thousands who continue

to live in pain and isolation as a result of

this debilitating illness.

As we remember those with severe ME, the ME|FM Society of BC renews its commitment to advocate for research, medical care and education and awareness. We pledge to continue to work with the government to enhance the lives of British Columbians living with myalgic encephalomyelitis.



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