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Social Connection and ME

ME is profoundly isolating. Loss of adult connection, colleagues and workplace socialization, and being able to parent and participate in family life. ME brings grief, loss, yearning for previous full lives. It is a stressful transition to lose a career, income and life goals.

Additional isolation is felt trying to find information and care options. It is a long lonely journey through discovering ME. Caregiving for ME can also be challenging and isolating.

Supporting emotional wellness and supporting connection, during diagnosis and while living with ME, is important. How do you connect with this graphic and theme?

We will be coordinating this across our platforms. Be sure to find us on Twitter and on Facebook too.


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Unknown member
Apr 17, 2021

When I became housebound, I lost the person I thought I was. I could no longer work, or be the person who engaged in family activities or who socialized with friends. I had to grieve my old life, and find meaning and possibility in my ME life. It took many years to feel contentment again. But eventually I have come to a place where I believe that this disease has given me many gifts. I truly value the wonderful people who have stuck with me through these times. They are true friends. I have time to savour moments and experience the little things in life, that previously I would have missed, in the hussle and bustle of li…

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