Survey Responses from UBC #TIMEFORUNREST Screening

At our October 30 screening of Unrest with UBC Medical and Nursing students, we surveyed them on their knowledge and experience with ME/CFS. Here are the survey results.

What are your previous experiences with ME? Have you met any ME patients during family practice visits or in your personal life?

  • I've never met anyone with this condition

  • Personal life

  • Saw this film at DOXA. No personal experience

  • No experience

  • Not very much experience. I know one person with fibromyalgia and have heard a bit about it but not much.

  • No, I had never heard of it before I saw the advertisement for this screening.

  • Have no previous experiences with ME

  • I have not personally met anyone with ME but my classmate has a Health Mentor with ME.

  • I did not know about ME> I have not met ME patients, until tonight.

  • My best friend has ME - since 2009

  • Zero

  • I haven't had many if any previous experience with ME

  • Not that I know of. I had not heard of it

  • Close friend with a parent, diagnosed 30+ years ago

  • Good friend with ME

  • No experience with ME at all

  • I know someone personally with ME.

  • Very limited. I have met one person with ME during undergrad. That was the first I had heard of it.

What is the most surprising thing you learnt tonight?

  • How widespread the condition is

  • I saw the poster showing 560,000 Canadians have ME but the movie really helped demonstrate how devastating it is.

  • Existence of Complex Chronic Diseases clinic

  • The prevalence - 2 x more than MS!!

  • How severe + disabling it can be

  • How prevalent and extreme it is! 17 million people!

  • How much ME can change your life and how people ignore it because it's an invisible disease.

  • I was shocked to see how severe this conditions impacts people and how little health care professionals know about this condition.

  • The prevalence of ME and all the symptoms that ME comes with

  • The severity possible

  • The prevalence? Yes so many deny it exists.

  • This is super prevalent but I hear so little about it

  • Denmark case = patient removed from home was horrifying + traumatizing. Also the gender-relation in care shocked and angered me.

  • Exercise is the worst advice for this conditions

  • I was not aware of the severity and how wide the spectrum is.

  • The severity of the illness, and its prevalence.

  • How differently patients can present with symptoms and now resilient the patients are in the face of ME.

  • That there doesn't really seem to be any definitive treatment.

What are the most important questions that you have about ME after watching this film?

  • What are the treatments?

  • Current treatment. Role of diagnostic imaging vs. immune function lab diagnostics

  • How can we promote research?

  • How do most patients w/ME live? At home? with family? Long term care?

  • How to diagnose it? How to get access to resources to help ME patients in the future.

  • What is the current symptom management plan for ME, and why did the anti-viral drug that Jennifer started taking stop working?

  • Why isn't there more research on this topic???

  • Do you have any idea or guess as to the cause of ME?

  • I would still like to learn more about the basics of ME

  • the different treatments impatiens have tried and failed / had improvements with

  • Prevalent treatments / therapies that have seen success. What are the diagnostics for ME?

  • Why does this happen?

  • Has any progress been made since the film? Complex Chfonis Disease Program in BC = similar in other provinces/countries?

  • How can we manage symptoms until more research provides answers?

  • Do most cases plateau or continue to worsen?

  • How to support patients with ME. Current status of research.

  • What more can be done to help ME patients right now?

  • How can we, as future physicians, provide better support?

Would you like to see ME included in your educational curriculum?

  • Yes (8)

  • Yes! (4)

  • Yes - based on prevalence alone it should be included

  • Yes (UBC Med)

  • Yes, I believe it is important to learn about ME/CFS as it is difficult to diagnose and the current toll boxes we learn are insufficient to treat patients.

  • Yes - nursing

  • How to refer, what it is, patient story like tonight, signs, symptoms, and commonly mistaken conditions.

  • Not in the medical field, but would like to see medical students exposed.

Would you be interested in participating in an educational seminar with an ME knowledgeable physician and patients?

  • Yes (13)

  • Perhaps

  • Yes!

  • Yes, if the timing is appropriate for students.

  • Sure!

  • If I were in the medical field I would.

Let us know if you have any other comments:

  • It was so valuable to hear the patient experiences afterward.

  • Thanks for the session.

  • Enjoyed the film + session.

  • Thank you for screening this!

  • The screening has been eye-opening. Thank you.

  • Thank you for holding this.

  • Amazing film, so valuable to learn about as a nursing student.

  • Thank you so much for teaching me about M.E.!

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