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Take full advantage of your Annual Membership

We are stronger when we all stand together.

Annual membership now starts October 1 each year.

Maximize your membership now by joining us here.


Benefits of Membership

With membership, you will:

  1. receive our Membership Package,

  2. be eligible to participate in private member-exclusive ME|FM BC forums,

  3. be on our Members’ email list for newsletters and other updates,

  4. be eligible to sit on an ME|FM Society of BC committee,

  5. be eligible for membership rates for our ME|FM Society of BC events,

  6. be registering your voice,

  7. be supporting ME|FM to continue the work it has been doing,

  8. have a vote at our Annual General Meeting (most membership types),

  9. have the opportunity to be elected to the Board of Directors.


Choose the Membership Type that fits your needs:

Click here for a description of each type.


Join our Membership today here. Donate here.



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