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-solar-and-geothermal-heating-and-cooling-pavel-agabrielov-gyorgy-tetyev-geolog-tatarstan-90253-n [^1]: State Azerbaijan Technical University, AZ.0117, Baku, Azerbaijan Q: How do I get an Enum to call Enum in ActionScript? How do I get a class to call an enum? A: You can make a class inherit from an enum and override one of its member functions to force that behavior: package { public class SomeClass extends Enum { public function SomeClass() { super(); } public function sayHi():void { super.sayHi(); trace("Hi from SomeClass!"); } } I suspect that you actually meant to do something more along the lines of: public class Foo { private var x:Number; public function Foo(x:Number) { this.x = x; trace("Hi from Foo!"); public function bar():void { var y:Enum = Enum.SomeEnum; y.sayHi(); On Tuesday, a Senate committee added a group of 10 Democrats and Republicans to an inquiry about fake news. They'll be looking into a phenomenon that is already ubiquitous but has become an increasingly dangerous factor in the presidential race. (A quick side-note: we're talking about political disinformation, and not the unproven "




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