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Greetings! I am a fellow member of MEFM BC and have been ill for 29 years. It was 26 years before I saw a qualified physician, so I understand your frustration with the status quo. And like most of us, I learned the hard way. But I have been able to live alone and still manage OK, and have learned what helps and what doesn't. The terrible tummy trouble I had has mostly disappeared since I began limiting my sugar intake. It was suggested to me by the Complex Chronic Fatigue Program in Vancouver, and my tummy issues are mostly gone.(& I had to do Salofalk nightly for months). UCSD research in August 2017 suggested our cells are not getting the sugar & oxygen they need to power up a cell. This affects every cell. The sugars are not absorbed and literally ferment in your belly. In my opinion, this will be the key to solving the conundrum that is ME/CFS. If you haven't seen it yet, find the 6-minute video posted on the MEFM BC website. It describes in the simplest terms what researchers found in a couple of recent studies. It's a good one to show your families & friends that are skeptical. But, at long last, ME/CFS is actually getting researched, and maybe, just maybe, I will get a few good years after the 29 I've lost.