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I'm Roger and I live in Duncan. I got fibromyalgia from a car accident in 1994 but didn't meet the trigger point criteria (which was later deemed biased against men). After a year off work, sailing to Mexico and Hawaii, the symptoms finally eased and it went into remission for the most part but I was always seeking better strategies to keep it that way.

I had a weekly commute to work at St. George's School, staying on my sailboat. In the summer, I worked double-full-time at Westminster Secondary School. But since a serious car accident (rear-ended by two cars in the Massey Tunnel) in 2014, I commute for hospital and doctor visits. I haven't gone sailing since that summer.

I'm currently at 10% functional capacity if I'm to maintain stability, although it's difficult to manage two homes at that level and things absolutely need to get done, especially when one doesn't have money or close friends/family to do things.

When I got cut off longterm disability by RBC Insurance, I was forced to go back to work part-time. Up until then I was about 30% functional capacity. Against all hope, I flopped and crashed severely. As I left work, I found out my appeal was denied. My employer wrote a nasty letter to RBC Insurance, then two weeks later dropped them as an insurer. I've been going to the food bank ever since. I should have started a lot earlier as soon as my EI ran out, because these harsh times things often get worse, not better.

So I'm currently in two litigations. So I hope everybody honours privacy. I hope admin has policies and protocols in place to make any breach of privacy illegal. I wish there was an advocacy group like Ontario's to advocate for accident victims.

I'll talk about different treatments in the other forum.

Here is a photo of me: 'Neath the halo of a heat lamp. (A twist on the lyrics of Sound of Silence which is pretty apropos.)