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ME/CFS Crash Survival Guidebook: The Art of Living with ME/CFS 

The guidebook can be viewed online, downloaded, or printed – in color or black and white.


This guidebook is designed for patients, for those allies supporting patients and for medical providers. This guidebook aims to help the individual prepare in advance for a crash/PEM episode, ensuring their critical needs are met. It offers guidance in carrying out everyday living activities that support energy conservation with ME/CFS. The tools provided are divided into chapters, to be used individually or the guidebook as a whole. 

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Provincial referral support* 

Complex Chronic Disease Program (BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Vancouver)

*Please consider waitlists are lengthy for patients to be seen. Physician to physician consultations may be available to support family physicians.

The CCDP also publishes a Community and Financial Resources in BC Guide (updated June 2022).

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Consider specialist referrals for co-morbities


POTS/Orthostatic Intolerance  

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)

Gastrointestinal symptoms, IBS


Consider referrals for in-home visits


OT home assessment/support

In-home lab services

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