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Our Volunteers Breathe Life Into Everything We Do

Our Society is driven by volunteers.

Your actions, whether big or small, have a significant impact in furthering our cause to improve the quality of life for those living with ME or fibromyalgia.

We need people like YOU who care!

Is this you?

I am a patient
living with
ME / fibromyalgia
I am a caregiver,
friend or family member of someone
living with
ME / fibromyalgia
I am a someone who just wants to help!
Then you're just who we're looking for!

Your health comes first. Always.

We value our volunteers.

Your wellbeing matters to us. We are keenly aware of the unique needs and energy constraints that you have as individuals living with ME and fibromyalgia.

We respect your health limits.

We understand and promote the importance of pacing yourself. We never want you to push beyond your energy envelope when volunteering with us. Trust us, we understand!

Testimonials from some of fabulous volunteers

Being within such an isolating and unserved illness population, to be able to find others who immediately understand your situation, empathize deeply, but then offer you a way to contribute allows your frustration to have a voice, those energies to be re-focused, and be apart of a collective fight for improvement.

Lana LeBlanc

Volunteering with the Society in service of my fellow ME and FM sufferers has made me come alive again with purpose. I’m grateful to be apart of an organization that is working tirelessly to be a voice for those who are in desperate need of help but continue to be so invisible in our society.


Christina Wiebe, Mrs. Vancouver Island 2019-2021

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Are you ready to make a difference?

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PO BOX 46879 STN D

Vancouver, BC   V6J 5M4


T: 604-878-7707 or
BC Toll-free: 1-888-353-6322

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