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Fundraising event showcases Canadian artists with ME and FM

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Opera Mariposa’s Annual Benefit is in full swing.

We are pleased to help showcase the amazing Canadian artists partnering this year. This is where art meets advocacy with incredible work done by visual and multidisciplinary artists with ME and FM from across Canada.

Through digital, collage, and fibre arts, as well as written words, these artists reveal another facet of how our community uses art to raise our voices.

Please check out this outstanding gallery of talent: Benefit + Awareness Art Showcase - OPERA MARIPOSA

More about the artists:

Christina Baltais, collage artist (she/her): Image description: Portrait of Christina, a white woman standing in front of a wall of green foliage. She’s smiling and has long black hair with fringe bangs, and a grey dress.
Lindsay Gillis, soprano (she/her): Image description: Headshot of Lindsay, a white woman with dark brown hair and eyes, wearing a blue dress and pink lipstick, and smiling.

More about Christina Baltais here. More about Lindsay Gillis here.

Maria Hwa Yeong Jung, piano (she/her): Image description: Headshot of Maria, a Korean-Canadian woman with dark hair and eyes wearing an indigo evening dress, a small jewelled cross necklace and a gentle smile.
Angus Kellett, piano (he/him): Image description: Headshot of Angus, a white man with brown hair and grey eyes, wearing a dark suit and bow tie, haloed with light against a blurred sepia background.

More about Maria Hwa Yeong Jung here. More about Angus Kellett here.

Jacqueline Ko, soprano (she/her): Image description: Head and torsho shot of Jacqueline, a disabled Chinese-Canadian woman with long hair, wearing a black evening gown, wine-coloured drlipstick, and a sideways glance.
Lia Pas, multidisciplinary & fibre artist (she/her): Image description: Black and white headshot of Lia, who is caucasian with a greying wavy bob, black cat’s eye glasses and a low-cut black shirt. She lies back against a cushion and smiles slightly, looking up at the camera.

More about Jacqueline Ko here. More about Lia Pas here.

Toni Scott, digital artist (he/him): Image description: Headshot of Toni, a white non-binary person with short brown hair and tortoiseshell glasses wearing a brown knit cap, a russet hoodie and a smile.

More about Toni Scott here.



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