My MLA and ME outreach campaign
The purpose of the initiative is to:
  • form positive and friendly relationships between BC Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and members of the ME community, including family, friends and caregivers;

  • build understanding of and support for ME issues with MLA's;

  • influence political policy regarding ME through enhanced understanding;

  • increase access to the political realm when ME issues arise in the future;

  • recruit ME champions in the legislature in order to help us address the dire unmet needs of British Columbians living with ME.


The goal of the campaign is to increase our Society profile and build knowledge and understanding of ME throughout British Columbia’s representative government MLA’s.

How you can help

Sign up to be an advocate - encourage patients and family members to share their stories of life with ME with members of BC’s Legislative Assembly.

Create opportunities for MLA's to develop personal relationships with constituents who have ME or who have personal experience with ME. 

Ensure MLA's have a local resource person to discuss ME- related issues when they arise.

We have put together several resources such as an email and script template to help you connect with you local MLA. People with ME are reaching out to their MLAs in a coordinated and strategic way in order to make a difference to BC's healthcare. Join us.