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How we are funded

The ME|FM Society of BC finances its activities through membership fees, tax deductible donations, grants, fundraising events and bequests.  While the majority of the activities of the Society are undertaken by a small, dedicated group of volunteers, we rely on all our funding sources to increase our support programs, hire consultants and meet administrative expenses.  Most recently, we have used funding from membership, donations and grants to accomplish the following:

The Convene Project: a preliminary project examining the unmet needs of British Columbians living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Support Groups: the implementation and expansion of support groups for Patients, and Allies and Loved Ones.

The My MLA and ME outreach campaign: for resources developed, click here.  For up-to-date news on this and other initiatives, click here.

Our updated website: updated look and navigation, new pages and updated resources for health care providers. 
We are always seeking to grow our membership and we encourage everyone to join.  Go to the Join our community page where you can choose from one of the following membership types:

Membership Type               Annual Fee                   Voting Rights

Individual                                $30                                  One vote each
Affiliate                                    $10                                  No vote
Sponsored                              $0*                                  One vote each
Professional                           $50                                  No vote
Corporate                               $250                                No vote
Non-profit                              $100                                 No vote

*Subject to Board approval.
The Society is a registered charity and all donations are gratefully accepted, regardless of the amount; however, tax receipts are provided for all donations over $20.  

When you give a gift, your generosity impacts the lives of those living in BC with ME and/or FM.  Donate Now because patients have waited long enough.


We are profoundly grateful to the Ko family and Opera Mariposa for gifting us the proceeds of annual fundraising events, and to The Wickerson Foundation for their ongoing support of our work.  

In the last several years, the ME|FM Society of BC has received research grants from the BC Women's Hospital, The Vancouver Foundation, and the BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre.  In addition, program funds were received from BC Gaming.  We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.  The ME/FM Society of BC is receiving funding from the Community Gaming Grants program to assist the delivery of social support groups and other community engagement efforts.
Why leave legacy funds? 
  • A planned gift to ME|FM Society of BC is an effective way to honour yourself and loved ones, and to help us pursue our goals.  
  • A charitable receipt can lower estate taxes.

How to leave legacy funds
  • Consider leaving a dollar amount or a percentage of your residual estate (what is left when all debts are paid and gifts are made).
  • Consider altering your will or adding a codicil.
  • Contact your lawyer or notary to facilitate your wishes.

If you choose to leave a legacy to us, please note
  • Legal name: ME|FM Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Fibromyalgia Society of BC
  • Mailing address: PO Box 46879 Stn D, Vancouver, BC V6J 5M4
  • Registered BC Charity number: 893185173RR0001.
Suggested language for your legacy
"I, ______(your full name)_____, give to ME|FM Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Fibromyalgia Society of BC, Registered BC Charity number 893185173RR0001,  _____enter a lump sum or % of the residue of my estate_____, to be used at the discretion of the society."

For more information on leaving a legacy, click here.
How your donations may be used
  • Support continuing research projects and collaborations

  • Continue to provide and enhance our existing patient support programs

  • Develop education packages and modules directed to our clinical communities throughout British Columbia

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