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Our research
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Our research committee
The ME|FM Society of BC has a Research Committee that works to engage in research projects in various capacities. We have partnered with other research entities to co-lead our own projects and we are patient partners on externally led projects.  


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Neuroimaging projects: EEG and MRI

Projects announcement 

ICanCME research network


In August 2019, a $1.4M catalyst grant from the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) funding the development of the ICanCME Research Network.  ICanCME brings together researchers and patients within its governance and working group activities. ME|FM Society of BC remains closely connected to the activities of ICanCME. 

CIHR news release, Aug 2019                    Update from CIHR, Feb 2020                    Website (TBA)




For more information about these projects, or with interest to partner in research, please contact

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