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We are always looking for people with a variety of skill sets to help our Society.  Sign up for general volunteer opportunities or contact us at

Current opportunities:  Fundraising Coordinator

My MLA and ME campaign advocates

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How we operate and
why we need volunteers

Our Society is driven by volunteers.  Your actions, whether big or small, have a significant impact in furthering our cause to improve the quality of life for those living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Long-COVID or Fibromyalgia.

We work with volunteers who have all sorts of talents, capabilities, and may also be patients with various levels of ability or time commitment.  That's ok!  We need everyone!  Contact us to let us know you're interested in volunteering.  We'll get back to you to talk about where you might fit best!  If you have ideas about how you might like to contribute, feel free to let us know!

Our volunteers also assist in various committees. 

Currently, we have the following committees:




Human Resources

Research/Special Projects


Our MLA and ME outreach campaign relies on advocates to assist in raising awareness among our province's MLAs.

Learn more about becoming an advocate and making a difference for our ME/Long-COVID community.

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