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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

WHEN: Sunday, September @ 2:15PM (PST) - After the Society's AGM

WHERE: In person - Chan Education Centre & Auditorium

BC Children's Hospital's Research Institute

Entrance #18, 938 West 28th Avenue, Vancouver

Online - the presentation will be available live online

Video recording will be available on our site at a later date.



Presenter - Laura Track

Laura Track is an experienced human rights lawyer with a passion for justice. She has spent her career working with non-profit legal organizations dedicated to advancing the interests and rights of marginalized communities. At the BC Human Rights Clinic, Laura represents complainants before the BC Human Rights Tribunal and works with clients to find lasting solutions to their discrimination complaints. Laura also develops and delivers public legal education materials, including in-person workshops and trainings, to help businesses, HR professionals, managers and service providers understand the obligations under human rights law.

In "Human Rights 101", we will cover the law, the process, the advantages and disadvantages, and some of the particular cases and concepts that might be most relevant to people with ME and FM.

This workshop will help you understand your rights under the BC Human Rights Code.

Topics covered include:

  • What is the Human Rights Code and what does it cover?

  • What is discrimination? What does discrimination look like?

  • What are my rights if I have a disability?

  • What are the steps in a human rights complaint?

  • What kind of evidence will I need to prove my case?

  • What can the Human Rights Tribunal do about discrimination?

  • What additional help is available?





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