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You’re invited: Millions Missing Vancouver

For this year’s Millions Missing and ME Awareness Month, local organizers in Vancouver are hosting an event. We want to share their invitation with you:


People with ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) in B.C. are being failed by our provincial health care system.

We've been gaslit, dismissed, and ignored. Faced with doctor after doctor who know less about ME than we do. Stuck on a waitlist for the Complex Chronic Disease Program for years while our health deteriorated. Our lives are upended by a long list of debilitating symptoms with scant, if any, medical support.

The time for change is now.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands more of us have fallen ill with ME. Yet the same dearth of care and treatment options remains.

On Friday, May 10 at noon, we will gather outside Premier David Eby's constituency office in Kitsilano to demand that the B.C. government work with us to make a plan to improve patient care for people with ME. Can’t make it in person? Send a message to the Premier through this form

If you're able to join us in person, bring your mobility aids, ear plugs, eye masks, support people, etc -- whatever you need to make the demonstration easier on your body. We also hope to have a livestream available for those who are housebound/bedbound, outside of Vancouver, or for whatever reason unable to attend in person. Get event updates on Facebook.

Whether you plan to participate in-person, virtually, or you're not sure yet, please RSVP here. We also ask that you provide us a message to the Premier through this form, and we'll display it at our demonstration.


To stay in the loop, follow the organizers at Millions Missing BC on Facebook and Instagram.



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