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Unmet needs of ME

For the next 4 weeks, the ME/FM Society of BC will be leading a conversation on important themes within the ME community. These themes were raised from patient conversations held during the Convene project (and shared in our report just released).

We hope to continue conversations with you on these topics. These conversations will lead up to May 12th, the International Day of ME –a global day of awareness for the ME community. Please join in with comments and share with your networks as we start our campaign: Unmet needs of ME – A community conversation.


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Unknown member
Apr 18, 2021

Okay having the fog brain where exactly are these 4 weeks of conversation going to take place? How do I participate? My personal situation is this- the waitlist for assessment at the centre for complex and chronic illness. No excuses folks 2 years on a wait list and recently told 6-9 month additional wait. Waiting for an assessment to find out if I have an illness there is no cure for. I watched Dr. N, the director of the program respond to a question from a woman who asked "why not open up the educational groups offered at the program via zoom to all of us now". And he said they were definitely looking at that. And yet here w…

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