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Health Tracking Tools for ME/CFS and Long-COVID

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You may develop a “gut feel” for what helps (medications, practices, techniques) and what makes things worse. You may also already have your own favorite ways to update your physician. Until then, you may find the tracking tools here useful.

For your own use, to help you learn what works and doesn’t, to manage and decrease your symptoms.

Note: Using these sheets can be difficult for some patients. Using a voice-to-notes app on your phone, journaling in a less structured format, or getting family to help fill in these forms may work better for you.

Note: Use a computer or laptop to download documents in the section below.  They will appear skewed on a cell phone or tablet.

For some people, this detailed daily symptom tracker can: 


Having trouble knowing what activities, and how much of each, trigger worsening symptoms for you? Is your PEM hard to predict because it happens hours or days after activity? Using a detailed daily activity tracker for a while can help.


Track when you start and stop treatments, how they worked, and if they had side effects. Some doctors may also like this level of detail, while some only want a simple list of current treatments and doses.


Tools to summarize information for yourself, your healthcare providers, and your caregivers; tools to prepare for your doctor visit and record the result.

For each symptom, summarize dates/times/durations and severity. Note triggers, what makes it better/worse, time of day it is worst, and what actions/treatments you have tried.


Use this checklist, which covers before, during and after your appointment, to make sure you are prepared and don’t forget anything important.


Print and take with you to your appointment. Identifies your main concerns and questions to ask. Provides a way to record your conversation with the doctor and follow-up items.


Tip: Keep these as you fill them in to track longer-term trends and keep a record of your doctor visits.

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