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Daily Chores

Cooking Aids



For many people with ME/CFS or Long-COVID, the simple act of sitting for chopping, stirring, and other tasks makes cooking possible by reducing the energy/effort required by just enough not to trigger exhaustion or a full crash.

Image by Alyson McPhee

Ergonomic Kitchen Tools and Organization


  • Knives, peelers, measuring cups with padded handles can reduce the strain and effort in using them.

  • Jar openers may be necessary if fatigue, weakness or joint pain are an issue. Some folks like the ones that attach under the counter and can be used one-handed while others prefer a “rubbery” style that just makes the normal opening action easier.

  • Lighter-weight cookware like plastic bowls, lighter pots and pans, and aluminum (often meant as single-use) instead of heavy glass baking dishes are easier to move and manipulate.



  • Keep cooking utensils and knives on the counter for easier access; make sure things you use the most are within reach.

  • Use padded mats or slipper/shoes when you can’t sit, to decrease fatigue and foot pain.

  • Replace standard shelves with shelves that roll out, if you can. 

If you own your house/unit, you can claim up to $10,000 on your taxes under a disability housing accommodation.

Cleaning Aids

Long-Handled Tools


Brooms, mops, and dusters with extended handles can help avoid bending and reaching.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners



These can clean floors without physical exertion.

Cleaning Caddies


Keep cleaning supplies in a caddy to avoid multiple trips, and keep them in an easy-to access location (safely away from pets and kids, of course!).

Laundry Aids

Front-Loading Washers


For some, these are easier to load and unload than top-loading machines, while for others, the act of bending over and standing up can cause dizziness and nausea (especially if you have POTS or other orthostatic issues).​

“Best thing I did: I got a front-loader washer/dryer set and put them up on a raised stand-thing. No pulling stuff out of a deep pit. No bending over to the floor.”

An ME/CFS patient in Manitoba

Grabber Tools

Use these to pick up laundry without bending over.

Stools, Chairs, Tables

  • Sit on a stool while folding laundry. 

  • Fold on a full-height table (instead of the coffee table or your bed), to decrease the need to bend and stretch.

  • Use the seat of your walker, a rolling chair, or rolling table, to transfer laundry to folding area.

General Strategies


Break tasks into smaller steps and take regular breaks.

A Man Preparing a Salad


Schedule chores during times of day when energy levels are higher.

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If possible, enlist help from family, friends, or a cleaning service.

Washing Dishes
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