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Final reminder: Millions Missing 2024 Vancouver Event Tomorrow, Friday, May 10!

Dear friends,

The 2024 Millions Missing Vancouver event approach is fast approaching – this Friday at noon, outside 2909 W Broadway!

Event organizers, Sophie and Kaschelle, have sent 119 posters to the printer, each with an individual’s message from all around the province. The in-person delegation will deliver each of your messages to Premier Eby’s office.

Additional info and reminders:

For those of you joining the event virtually:

  • If you can’t join the event live, the recording will be up on the Millions Missing Facebook page to watch whenever you want. There will also be photos from the in-person event posted on Facebook and Instagram, if you’d prefer to catch up that way.

For those of you joining the event in person:

  • The forecast is looking sunny and hot. Please bring a water bottle, and any tools that will help you manage heat.

  • David Eby’s community office is on a busy street. Please bring whatever tools you need to manage sensory issues – ear plugs, sunglasses, etc.

  • Unfortunately it’s a public street; there are only a few SPARC-designated spots in the area. Arrive early to leave time to find a parking spot. There will be a designated volunteer who can help people get to and from their cars (ie. push your wheelchair or help carry things). E-mail if that would be helpful for you, and you will be connected to the volunteer.

  • It is asked that everyone who can to wear a mask, to keep us all safer from airborne illness. N95s will be available on site if you don’t have your own.

  • The event will be paced, with lots of breaks throughout. You can expect some remarks by your fellow ME and Long Covid community members, and an opportunity to share your own via a community art project. The event will close by collectively delivering the gathered messages to Premier Eby’s office. Wrap up will be by 1:30 p.m. at the latest.

Please join us in any way you are able;

we are making a difference!



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