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May Awareness update

Today is International ME Awareness Day! May 12 marks the annual day of recognition of this often-debilitating disease, first recognized by the World Health Organization in 1969. Sadly, ME and Long-COVID patients in BC today are still desperate for accessible, equitable health care.

Below are some of the May activities of the ME|FM Society of BC and other ME organizations and supporters.

  • MLAs and senior Ministry of Health staff recognize and support ME Awareness Day

  • ME/Long-COVID patients and supporters rally in Vancouver

  • Opera Mariposa events continue

MLAs and senior Ministry of Health staff responded to the request to wear our 2024 ME Awareness Day buttons to work on Thursday May 9; among them were (below, from left to right) Shirley Bond, Opposition Shadow Minister for Health, Senior Services, and Long Term Care; Eugene Johnson, Executive Director, Provincial Services Branch, Ministry of Health; and Henry Yao, MLA. Thank you!


On Friday, May 10, society directors attended the Vancouver Millions Missing rally outside of Premier David Eby's consitituency office rally to demand that the BC government collaborate with patients to make a plan to improve patient care for people with ME!

Special thanks to amazing event organizers, Sophie and Kaschelle, and to all those from the ME and Long-COVID community who shared their messages and pictures. See the livestream and event photos on the Millions Missing Facebook page.


Opera Mariposa's Benefit + Awareness, supporting the ME|FM Society of BC, is ongoing through June 1. Today, Sunday, May 12, from 12:30 - 1 pm, catch a new operatic video featuring baritone Riley McMitchell. This is an online event at YouTube Go to event website.

Check out events and prizes here.

Donate here.



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