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Save the date: Opera Mariposa's 2023 Benefit + Awareness Month is coming this May

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The wonderful folks at Opera Mariposa are throwing a fundraiser for our Society again this year! From May 1-June 1, 2023, their Benefit + Awareness Month will include music & videos, an art showcase, merch, prizes and more - all online, so you can enjoy everything from the comfort of home!

Photo credit: Stephanie Ko

100% of the proceeds will support the ME/FM Society of BC, so learn more at - and be sure to follow Opera Mariposa on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube (or sign up for their newsletter at so you don't miss a thing!


Image description: In the foreground is a table covered in recording equipment, including an audio interface and laptop. Beyond that, glimpsed past a HEPA air purifier, a lightstand and white diffuser, Jacqueline Ko is out of focus in the distance standing by a music stand. She's lit by a spotlight, surrounded by studio walls lit in blue and purple light.



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