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Your support is requested

The ME|FM Society of BC finances its activities through membership fees, tax deductible donations, grants and bequests.  While the majority of the activities of the Society are undertaken by a small, dedicated group of volunteers, we rely on all our funding sources to increase our support programs, hire consultants and meet administrative expenses.

We are currently developing a grant request to fund ongoing support groups, which include the Social Support Groups (hosted by Shannon and Alana), the Social Hangouts (hosted by Jessie) and Art Therapy sessions (hosted by Lisa).

How can you help?

If you have attended any or all of the above groups, please take 3 minutes to answer a few questions in this online poll. Your responses will help us gather critical data needed for the funding application, while maintaining your anonymity.

You may also access the poll here.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the ME|FM Society of BC!



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