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Become a member of the ME|FM Society of BC!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

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Raising awareness, educating, advocating & supporting the ME|FM community.

The ME|FM Society of BC Board of Directors is a working board, creating and executing strategic plans, developing/ensuring delivery of programs, and managing day-to-day functions; we ask for your support by becoming a member.

Benefits of Membership - here

There are a number of Membership types and fees - something to suit everyone.

Annual membership starts every October 1 so maximize your membership now by joining us here. You may receive a message that your membership is renewed to October 1, 2022. We will adjust these to October 1, 2023.

We are all stronger when you stand with us.


What our supporters say

"I value the presence of the ME|FM Society of BC and their team members in their role to represent the ME and FM community. As Clinic and Research Director of the CCDP since Spring of 2019, I have experienced the advantage of having a strong patient partnership with the Society."

Dr. Luis Nacul


"They let us see we are not alone.” Anonymous


“Over the years they [the ME|FM Society of BC] have been there for support.

Research - On the website page there is a portal to information from around the world.

The Convene Project - The society conducted a study which they then supported with goals and strategies to meet those goals. They had incredible graphics created to show what we need. At present they have a number of new initiatives. Please join the society.”

Teresa Craig-Morgan


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