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Honorary society member Linda Reid

The Board of Directors is proud to announce that Linda Reid has been chosen as a Lifetime Honorary member of the ME|FM Society of BC. Linda has been an extraordinary friend and mentor to the society in many ways but particularly with the My MLA and ME initiative. Her wisdom and political know-how have helped us navigate the intricacies of BC politics and bring ME to the attention of our policymakers.

Linda has worked alongside our MLA Advocate team in the creation and rollout of this exciting program. She has been outstanding in her gift of experience, and in her compassionate support of our community.

Linda began her career as a teacher of children with autism in the Richmond School District. In 1991 she was elected to the provincial Legislature and subsequently re-elected through the next seven elections, making her the one of the longest serving BC MLAs.

She served as the Minister of Early Childhood Development, Childcare and Advanced Education and as Speaker of the Legislative Assembly for the 41st Parliament. Currently, she is the Chair of BC and Alberta Guide Dogs.

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