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ME|FM Society of BC advocacy work continues

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We continue to advocate for all British Columbians living with ME in our ongoing communications with sitting MLAs, Health Minister Dix and Ministry of Health staff. In addition to our successful and ongoing My MLA and ME program, we also communicate our concerns in other ways.

As demonstrated in our letter to Minister Dix and Ministry of Health staff we continue to have significant and ongoing concerns related to Equitable Healthcare Access for people living with ME.

We have recently taken the opportunity to respond to Minister Dix's comments regarding his reply to questions posed by Minister Shirley Bond, during the Budget Debates. We look forward to receiving a reply from Minister Dix. In the interim, we are sharing our letter with our community. Our MLA and ME Advocates will also be sharing this letter with their designated MLAs.

This link is our letter to Minister Dix dated June 22, 2022.

If you are interested in becoming an Advocate for our My MLA and ME Program, please contact the program coordinator at

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