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Meet our Strategic Initiatives Manager

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We are delighted and excited to introduce you to Lana LeBlanc, MPH, in our newly formed role of Strategic Initiatives Manager.

Our Board of Directors have been working throughout the past six months on our two year strategic plan. This planning effort continues to build on the important work and successes already in place. Ensuring we have dedicated, skilled individuals representing our Society is a key aspect of our ongoing

initiatives. Photo credit: Sheena Davies Photography

Our team continues to build in staff and outreach. Working under the direction of the Executive Committee, the Strategic Initiatives Manager will oversee many of the Society’s advocacy-related and community-focused projects and tasks, and will collaborate across numerous internal committees and teams.

Lana has volunteered and worked with our Society for the past three years, most recently serving as our Peer Engagement Lead and Community Engagement Lead, and previously as our Research Coordinator for our provincially funded project, Examining the Unmet Needs of British Columbians living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: Mapping a Provincial Needs Assessment. Lana sits on both our Research and Advocacy Committees. Externally, Lana is our current representative with the Community Advisory Committee (Complex Chronic Diseases Program) and represents the Society in other outreach initiatives. She is also a member of the BC Patient Voices Network representing ME caregivers and patients where she can.

Lana has a Masters Degree in Public Health and has experience working on various health system related projects as research staff. In addition to her research and public health training, Lana has personal insight and sensitivity into the ME community as a primary caregiver to her spouse with severe ME. In the last four years, Lana has navigated the Canadian ME patient community and joined many efforts, including participating as a working group member with the national ICanCME Network.

We are excited to have Lana’s expertise and knowledge in an integral position for the Society and look forward to working with her.



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